Closa.Regulated Markets

Experience in the alignment of interests.


Public Affairs

Public & Stakeholder Relation Management, Strategic Communication, Private and Public Partnerships, Next-Generation Funds, Urbanization, Digitalization.


Civil & Public Infrastructure, Plant Maintenance, Utilities.

Financial Services

Private Banking, Payment Systems, Insurance.

Cybersecurity & Information Technology

Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance, Data Protection Regulation.

Testing, Inspection, Certification & Compliance

Environmental Testing & Regulatory Compliance, Facility Services & Maintenance, Food Testing, Materials Testing, Product Qualification Testing, Quality Assurance & Control.


Local expert

Laura Fernández


“The team helped us structure and manage a difficult, complex and exciting process to a successful conclusion”.

Carlota Pi
Hola Luz Founder

“CLOSA helped us to understand how to take advantage of the dynamics of a regulated market in a fund-raising process.”

Claudio Dufeu
Orion Capital y LarrainVial Partner

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