Closa.Alternative Investments

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Alternative Investments

Private Debt, Hedge Funds, Structured Products & Derivatives, Foreign Currency, Insurance Products, Distressed Securities, Image Rights, Intellectual Property & Copyright.

Real Estate

Build-to-Rent, Property Valuation, Hotels & Tourism, Proptech, Co-Workings.

Private Equity

Portfolio Sale, Deal Sourcing, Build-Up, Growth Equity, Exit Strategies.


Transport, Power, Utilities, Telecommunication Networks, Construction, Installation, Inspection, Maintenance.


Local expert


“The perfect additive to form a team with Bulge Bracket signatures.”

Sreehare Muraleedharan
Mash President

“For more than 25 years, Closa has been our point of reference in Spain when our clients want to invest in Spain. In addition, all the transactions we hace concluded haven been successful”

Rubén Eblagón
Rosario Capital President

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